10 of the most representative publications 

1.  Are dropout and degree completion in doctoral study significantly dependent on type of financial support and field of research?
van der Haert, M., Arias Ortiz, E., Emplit, P., Halloin, V., Dehon C.
CSHE: Studies in Higher Education – Manuscript ID: 806458 - Juin 2013

2.  A new approach for the estimation of the melting enthalpy of metastable crystalline compounds using differential scanning calorimetry: Application to the two crystallographic forms of Etiracetam
Herman, C., Leyssens, T., Vermylen, V., Halloin, V., Haut, B.
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry107 (2012) (2) , pp. 777-788
3.  Application of discrete modeling approach to fluidized bed yeast drying
Debaste, F., Halloin, V.
Journal of Food Process Engineering (2010), 33 (SUPPL. 1) , pp. 2-22
4.  Modeling temperature in chocolate mass to predict tempering quality
Bettens, D., Kegelaers, Y., Haut, B., Halloin, V., Debaste, F.
European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology (2009), 111 (3) , pp. 273-279
5.  A new modeling approach for the prediction of yeast drying rates in fluidized beds fluidized beds
Debaste, F., Halloin, V., Bossart, L., Haut, B.
Journal of Food Engineering (2008), 84 (2) , pp. 335-347
6.  Investigation of crystallization kinetics of sodium bicarbonate in a continuous stirred tank crystallizer
Zhu, Y., Haut, B., Halloin, V., Delplancke-Ogletree, M.-P.
Journal of Crystal Growth (2005), 282 (1-2), pp. 220-227
7.  Production of sodium bicarbonate in industrial bubble columns
Haut, B., Halloin, V., Cartage, T., Cockx, A.
Chemical Engineering Science (2004), 59 (22-23), pp. 5687-5694
8.  Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in a Couette-Taylor bioreactor for the culture of animal cells
Haut, B., Amor, H.B., Coulon, L., Jacquet, A., Halloin, V.
Chemical Engineering Science (2003), 58 (3-6) , pp. 777-784
9.  The radially vibrating horn: A scaling-up possibility for sonochemical reactions
Dahlem, O., Reisse, J., Halloin, V.
Chemical Engineering Science (1999), 54 (13-14) , pp. 2829-2838
10.  Methanol synthesis in a multifunctional reactor
Ben Amor, H., Halloin, V.L.
Chemical Engineering Science (1999), 54 (10) , pp. 1419-1423